x341 DONOVAN'S BRAIN (10/29/99)

Directed by Felix "Give Till It Hurts" Feist
Written by Hugh "Glamorous Night" Brooke, Felix E. Feist, Curt "I Walked With A Zombie" Siodmak
Produced by Tom "Helter Skelter" Gries

"Donovan's Brain" is a heart warming movie about a man's love for a rich industrialist's brain. And to be honest, who could blame the scientist? I mean a brain from a left handed guy named "Donovan" is definitely something you want to keep and cherish. Possessing such a brain would automatically place one at the top of any social ladder and ensure great wealth. Of course you'd have to pamper the brain, because I'm sure a brain from a person named "Donovan" would appreciate high quality brain juice and all that other stuff. It's really the lack of proper pampering that causes all the trouble in the movie. When our scientist, who possesses "Donovan"'s brain due to a plane crash, decides to keep it in a cheap aquarium not even fit for a dying goldfish, the brain is bound to lash out. Using its powerful brain powers, and you better believe "Donovan"'s brain has powerfully powerful powers, the brain manipulates the scientist to use "Donovan"'s vast monetary resources to do its bidding, like murder enemies. Of course the scientist fights the brain's influence and bad things happen. The lesson is to always follow what "Donovan"'s brain tells you to do and don't doubt its powers. Nancy Davis Reagan also shows up the movie as a woman who gives blow jobs to our scientist.

DonsBr03.JPG Plumm> Brodie filmed the whole thing on steadicam
THX-1138> I hear Donovan's brain is just a figment of Jeremy Piven's brain's imagination
Plumm> I hear Donovan's Brain is realy just inside . . . Herman's Head.
BEMaven> with a cameo by Broca's Brain.
Ironf> Uncle Frank is a mean drunk
Plumm> Doogie Howser: The Day After
BEMaven> oh, those wacky days before detox.
THX-1138> WHen does Matthew Broderick come and run over someone in his car to save he monkeys?
BEMaven> a drunk, a monkey, and the future Mrs. Reagan. the humble beginnings of the Salk Institute.
Ironf> Frank, we need sea monkeys STAT
BEMaven> yes, watch the pretty lights, dear. we got science stuff to do.
THX-1138> A monkey brain to serve to Indiana Jones and Short Round
BEMaven> sure was a quiet plane crash, wasn't it?
THX-1138> and one of those passengers is Payne Stewart
Plumm> This is kind of what nancy's up to these days, also
BEMaven> 90 minutes of Nancy Reagan watching a brain. thank you, movie.
Ironf> Let's rebuild him, but with sub-par parts.
Ironf> Is now really the time for a double anal shot?
Ironf> He's going to soak the brain in stew for it's nourishment food
THX-1138> CAA is investigation? Damn that Ovitz
BEMaven> is he related to Doctor Shroom?
MathFreak> So, Madam Curie got the Nobel prize because she was helpful to her husband? DonsBr11.JPG
BEMaven> is something wrong? he hasn't called her 'baby' in 10 minutes.
Ironf> Lushes are whores
THX-1138> 'please do not taunt the brain'
BEMaven> "you do the sleeping for the both of us." a quote from the Reagan Library.
Plumm> They need to go to Wal-Mart and pick up a Brain Monitor
THX-1138> Last guy to go fishing with you was Fredo.
BryanL> He must need to be so incredibly bored that he'll become receptive to telepathy.
MathFreak> So, how is learning about Donvan's tax evasion going to help him pick up the brains thoughts?
BEMaven> the brain sure likes its lemonade.
BryanL> Hamilton Watches! So big you can hang them on a wall!
BryanL> His brain's a spirograph.
THX-1138> But is it a mother brain?
BryanL> It's OK to love your brain, just don't loooove your brain.
Plumm> This was in the days before the Jerker.
THX-1138> Throbbing brain avis are all the rage these days
BEMaven> what's this? has the Joker's brain taken possession of Commisioner Gordon?
Plumm> Donovan's Brain stay's crunchy even in milk
BEMaven> wait'll the Doc finds out that Donavan was a cross-dresser.
BryanL> Gone fission.
BryanL> Back in the 50's there wasn't any news, so "Newsweek" just printed people's signatures.
Plumm> You should realy Just Say No to telepathy, honey.
THX-1138> Damn left handed Donovans
Ironf> He needs to go though a FREE course of psychotonomy DonsBr05.JPG
BEMaven> 'i'm worried. he wants to take the brain into the Jacuzzi.'
THX-1138> Well, well, check out the big brain on Donovan.
BryanL> There's a brain on the wing of the plane! And it's mainly in Spain!
THX-1138> The limp allows him to have that gangsta strut all the kids want these days
BryanL> He's plucked the names of the best cheap hookers in New York from Donovan's brain.
BryanL> Mario Puzo's The Last Donovan's Brain
Ironf> Dewey, Cheatum, and Howe, attorneys at law.
BryanL> Dr. Nightmare. ATTORNEY AT LAW!
BEMaven> my attorney is Umimportant of Unimportant, Trivial, and Trite.
THX-1138> Donovan's brain has it's own lighting system. Impressive.
Ironf> Mr. Fuller, you will be my bitch. Get over it.
BEMaven> another of Clouseau's lame disguises.
Ironf> We just like to touch. Is that so wrong?
THX-1138> A plane lands safely, and the Big Bopper isn't aboard!
BryanL> He's gonna have the world's first brain-powered lo-rider.
BEMaven> he also ordered a Clapper for the brain.
Ironf> Dude, never put your drink in a beaker when in a lab. It's not good thinking.
BryanL> He didn't pour any out for his homies. The brain's not gonna like that.
BEMaven> seperate beds? guess the Doc is still limp.
BryanL> I'm gonna steal that rationalization. "If it's really evil, God will stop me."
Ironf> NOT a painted beachball
BryanL> He's so rich, he gets his roofies delivered.
BEMaven> i don't like the look of that e-meter reading.
mgrasso> so, mr. whipple is EVIL?
BryanL> Please don't squeeze the brain. DonsBr07.JPG
BEMaven> Mr. Microphone will save him.
mgrasso> wow, cool brain! does it come with mashed and corn?
Ironf> Often, we come in here and cut him on the arm just to see if he'll flinch
BryanL> Maybe they can do a sequel. "Reagan's Brain". The doctor can just keep falling asleep.
Plumm> You can't handle the brain!
ReaperG> Is the brain playing Atari Pac Man?
BryanL> I say they dust off and nuke the brain from orbit.
mgrasso> this movie's just all gym teachers masquerading as actors.
BEMaven> 'the brain? bigger and better every day. oh, sorry, i was describing your wife's orgasms.'
Ironf> There are backmasked messages in the blip-blip-blip noise
mgrasso> doughy shatner *in* the manchurian candidate 2: cruise control.
Ironf> The only way to stop it is a tin-foil hat.
ReaperG> Okay, who Glasserized the music?
Ironf> Every woman's crazy 'bout a sharp dressed brain.
BryanL> It's perfect! It forms a perfect circle! Scientists calibrate their instruments on my brain!
Cthulhu> There is a fire in my BRAIN!
THX-1138> At least it wasn't brain freeze
BryanL> Fatal Accident. The new novel by John Grisham.
THX-1138> Ethics...experiment? This IS science fiction
Plumm> btw, Orson Welles doid Donovon's Brain's voice in an oldtime radio version of that story
THX-1138> But Welles died in the middle of the broadcast so Leonard Nimoy had to take over DonsBr08.JPG

"Get with it, will ya baybee?"
"I thought I was your pet."
"Now that Frank's living here, we can all take turns."
"It's growing larger by the day."
"I felt dirty for many years."
"Call me whenever the brain goes to sleep."
"Look at my brain!"

THX-1138 wants his brain back, you BASTARDS!