Communal spellbooks

Xenoff's spellbooks:
1st level: audible glamer, cantrip, charm person, comprehend languages, friends, hypnotism, jump, lasting breath, mending, message, read magic, sleep.
2nd level: bind, choke, deeppockets, forget, insatiable thirst, irritation, misdirection, past life
3rd level: explosive runes, invisibility, 10' radius, iron mind, lesser sign of sealing, monster summoning I, protection from normal missiles

Sala's spellbooks:
1st level: alarm, armor, cantrip, chill touch, confuse languages, conjure spell component, feather fall, grease, jump, ray of fatigue, read magic, unseen servant
2nd level: blur, continual light, displace self, ESP, forget, glitterdust, locate object, Melf's acid arrow, summon swarm, undetectable alignment, warp sense

Elven spellbooks:
1st level: mount, bloom, dancing lights, precipitation, message, magic missile, detect magic, wall of fog
2nd level: camouflage, vocalize, cat's grace, seeking, animal companion, whispering wind
3rd level: blacklight, clairvoyance, clairaudience, fly, wall of water, blink
4th level: Laeral's aqueous column, sunbolt, massmorph, confusion
5th level: chaos, animal growth, conduit, discord
6th level: antimagic aura, conjure animals, part water
7th level: mass invisibility, faerie sword
8th level: storm
9th level: shape change

Peacock Lord spellbooks:
1st level: weathertell (vol. 1, 1), Tenser's floating disc (vol. 1, 5), identify (vol. 2, 1), erase (vol. 2, 3), Nystul's flash (vol. 2, 2), empathic seizure (vol. 1, 6), Drawmij's beast of burden (vol. 2, 6), flame spin (vol. 3, 5), Detho's delirium (vol. 3, 2), scatterspray (vol. 3, 6)
2nd level: forcewave (vol. 1, 4), stinking cloud (vol. 2, 5), flaming sphere (vol. 1, 7), ghost pipes (vol. 2, 5), hypnotic pattern (vol. 2, 7), detect life (vol. 2, 2), mist magic (vol. 2, 5), ice knife (vol. 2, 7), invisibility (vol. 3, 2), detect poison (vol. 3, 6)
3rd level: dire charm (vol. 1, 6), invisibility, 10' radius (vol. 3, 7), Isolde's answer (vol. 1, 3), protection from evil, 10' radius (vol. 2, 5), minor malison (vol. 2, 5), steam blast (vol. 3, 4), calm (vol. 3, 8), Melf's minute meteors (vol. 3, 5)
4th level: Otiluke's resilient sphere (vol. 1, 9), contagion (vol. 1, 5), protection from lycanthropes, 10' radius (vol. 2, 5), thunderstaff (vol. 2, 5), phantasmal killer (vol. 3, 9), bands of ice (vol. 3, 8), lapse (vol. 3, 5)
5th level: Snilloc's major missile (vol. 1, 8), ironguard (vol. 1, 6), Thultaun's thurst (vol. 2, 6), stone shape (vol. 3, 7), throbbing bones (vol. 3, 11)
6th level: legend lore (vol. 1, 8), lich touch (vol. 1, 8), phantasmagoria (vol. 1, 11), invisible stalker (vol. 2, 8)
7th level: teleport without error (vol. 1, 7), simulacrum (vol. 2, 11), duo-dimension (vol. 3, 8)
8th level: monster summoning VI (vol. 1, 10), gateway (vol. 1, 9)
9th level: sandswallow (vol. 3, 17)



Wand of Function Swapping

This wand, fashioned from a pink, plastic-like substance, shoots out a narrow green beam at one character who can save vs. wands to see if the beam hits or not. The range of the beam is 60 yards. If the beam strikes (saving throw failed), the magical functions of two of the target's items (determined randomly or at the DM's discretion) are swapped around for 2d4 rounds. If the target less than two magic items on his person, then there is no effect. Note that only the magical properties are swapped.

Example: a warrior is hit by the beam. It is determined that his sword and wand are affected. His +3 sword now acts as a wand of secret door and trap location, and has no magical bonuses "To Hit" or on damage rolls, while his wand does 3 hit points of damage on every successful strike (note non-proficiency penalties), and has the intelligence, ego etc. that his sword had!

(From "Survival of the Funniest," 1999 Andrew Rochester)

Wand of Polymorph Any Object

This wand is identical to a wand of polymorphing, except that it can emit a ray of polymorph any object (as the 8th-level wizard spell).

Miscellaneous Magic Items

Planar Deck of Illusions

The planar deck of illusions works much like its normal, Prime Material counterpart. These decks were created by planewalker illusionists to help bolster their reputations on foreign planes. Of course, the random aspect to drawing cards can certainly hurt their chances for survival when a card of a particularly baneful planar creature is drawn on a hostile plane. Tales are still told of the poor berk who kept drawing all his baatezu illusion cards while trying to escape the Abyss...

These decks differ from their Prime Material counterparts in that they feature a nine-suited deck, with nine cards in each suit (that darn Rule of Threes!). There are also three "Jokers," upping the total of the deck to 84 cards, much bigger than the standard deck of illusions. Each suit corresponds to one of the absolute alignments and the corresponding Outer Plane. 
Suit Plane Alignment Planeborn
Suns Mount Celestia lawful good archons
Rainbows Elysium neutral good guardinals
Mountains Arborea chaotic good eladrin
Squiggles Limbo chaotic neutral slaad
Pits Abyss chaotic evil tanar'ri
Reins Grey Waste neutral evil yugoloths
Horns Baator lawful evil baatezu
Wheels Mechanus lawful neutral modrons
Orbs Outlands neutral rilmani

When a card is drawn at random and thrown to the ground, an illusion with audible and visual components is formed. This lasts until dispelled. The illusionary creature will not go more than 30 feet away from where the card landed, but will otherwise move and act as if it were real. When the illusion is dispelled, the card becomes blank and cannot be used again. If the card is picked up, the illusion is automatically and instantly dispelled. The cards in a deck and the illusions they bring forth are as follows:

Suns Rainbows Mountains Wheels Orbs Squiggles Horns Reins Pits
9 Aasimon, solar Guardinal, leonal Eladrin, tulani Modron, octon Rilmani, aurumach Slaad, death  Baatezu, gelugon Yugoloth, ultroloth  Tanar'ri, balor
8 Archon, tome Guardinal, ursinal Eladrin, ghaele Modron, nonaton Rilmani, argenach Slaad, gray Baatezu, cornugon Yugoloth, arcanaloth Tanar'ri, marilith
7 Archon, throne Guardinal, lupinal Eladrin, shiere Modron, decaton Rilmani, cuprilach Slaad, green Baatezu, hamatula Yugoloth, nycaloth Tanar'ri, nalfeshnee
6 Archon, trumpet Guardinal, avoral Eladrin, firre Modron, pentadrone Rilmani, ferrumach Slaad, blue Baatezu, osyluth Yugoloth, yagnoloth Tanar'ri, glabrezu
5 Archon, sword Guardinal, equinal Eladrin, bralani Modron, quadrone Rilmani, abiorach Slaad, red Baatezu, barbazu Yugoloth, mezzoloth Tanar'ri, hezrou
4 Archon, warden Guardinal, cervidal Foo Dog  Modron, tridrone Rilmani, plumach Chaos Beast Baatezu, abishai Yugoloth, piscoloth Tanar'ri, vrock
3 Archon, hound Hollyphant Eladrin, noviere Modron, duodrone Elemental Githzerai Baatezu, spinagon Yugoloth, dergholoth Tanar'ri, chasme
2 Archon, lantern Quesar Eladrin, coure Modron, monodrone Nic'Epona Xaositect Baatezu, nupperibo Hordling Tanar'ri, dretch
1 Paladin Ranger Bariaur Wizard Mephit Chaos Imp Baatezu, lemure Larva Tanar'ri, manes

The jokers make an illusionary copy of the deck's wielder.