The HomeGame congratulates Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger on his incredible election victory in California.
We're confident he'll come up with a whole mess of new ideas to combat the state's deeply-rooted problems.


It is an ill-disguised secret that HomeGame activities have subsided in recent years. In keeping with the philosophy that binds our cranky muses, we naturally blame everybody and everything in sight for the decline.

In particular, we fault the following...

  • The Sci-Fi Channel --- Who canned MST3K (the funniest science fiction puppet show since 'Stingray'), then split their cable feed so that HomeGamers in different time zones could not synchronize the heckling of SciFi movies.
  • Fox-TV --- Who abandoned their production of original tv movies when Nielsen surveys revealed that only HomeGamers were watching them.
  • TBS --- Whose current policy is to show the same 20 movies over and over, half of them starring Michael Douglas.
  • TNN (formerly The Nashville Network) --- Having suffered only one HomeGame treatment of their precious 18 Wheels Of Justice, the channel changed its identity and its audience demographics.
  • The Internet --- The same miracle that made the HomeGame feasible kept tempting members with other distractions. Who knew?
  • Reality --- Which has culled people from our ranks with the vague promise of full, productive lives.
Nevertheless, we do intend to gather on those odd occasions when the conditions are right, when the forces of cable-tv mediocrity come into alignment with cyberspace. After all, without HomeGame recognition, most cinematic trash would simply go to waste.



As part of its ongoing policy of right-sizing, the SciFi Channel has shut the HomeGame out of its chatroom.

Barring a reprieve from their leaders in the Obsidian Order, the HomeGame will convene at...

Jack Frost
Fiend Without A Face
18 Wheels Of Justice
Masque of the Red Death
Return to the Lost World
Deadly Friend


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