Desktop Tools

Alright, stop all the emails. We finally got the message. We also got the funding to be able to bring you the following tools to be used to indoctrinate your loved ones into the art and life style of the HomeGame. Of course we will guide you along the way in getting your new toys up and active. After the "Meet the HomeGame" section was added, we were deluged with requests for icons representing our finest players. We now meet that request with vigor. Just click your favorites to take them home with you.

Meet the HG











BryL and KevL




Mr. Booze





Now enjoy all those characters that you've grown to love throughout our games.

AD Shred

Black Samson

Chase Masterson*

George Kennedy 1

George Kennedy 2


Chuck Heston


Joe Don Baker


Lance Hendrikson

L Ron Hubbard

Chuck Norris

Roddy Piper

Vincent Price


Lister 1

Lister 2

Taylor Negron


*In accordance with a restraining order placed by Chase Masterson, the Ispep icon may not appear within 3 windows of her icon.

And here are various other ones.




In order to install these icons please visit Impact Software for the program Microangelo. This is shareware program that will allow you to change the icons on your system and allow you to create ones of your own. Please read and follow all thier directions. HG Industries is not responsible if you mess things up and put your eye out.

But wait, there's more. Enjoy these fine animated cursors for everyday use. Now how much would you pay?



Just click the pic to download the .ani file. Place this file along with your other cursors (usually a folder within your windows folder) then go to your control panels folder, open the mouse section and switch to cursors. Then replace what you feel like.

And as requested by our biggest fan, John, Desktop Backgrounds

Here's the story of a fabulous desktop wallpaper. That's right, displaying our HomeGame heroes, this wallpaper will be the talk of your home or office. Just sit back and collect the compliments on your great taste in on-line activities. And becoming the center of attention will definitely help your love life, even if it is just a mindless, one night stand filled with hot porno style passion. Just be sure to use some of our official HomeGame condoms. JPG Version

Throw your sign for L. Ron and show everyone exactly how you feel about Scientology, the hip new tax-deductable religion sweeping Hollywood. A soothingly eruptive background sets the scene for the battle royale between the HomeGame's own Gangsta L. Ron., dressed in a lovely blue flannel outfit, and the evil H-bombin' Xenu, clad in Galactic Empire red and Xenu baseball cap. JPG Version

Simple, elegant, and smashing. Our black backgrounded HomeGame logo wallpaper goes well with desktop decorations, like our official HomeGame icons. So what are you waiting for, show the world where your loyalties lie and download this baby now. JPG Version

In order to install these backgrounds, just click on the graphic for a bitmap version, or choose the jpg link if you can use that version because it is significantly smaller. Then right click and set it as wallpaper. For those of you with a desktop larger than 800X600 we suggest that you center the graphic and not tile.

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