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Net Resources:

To find other FT players:

Here are lists that can help you find FT players in your area.

Other Full Thrust WWW Pages:

I encourage all Full Thrust Players with WWW access create there own page. Contact me if you have a new page and I will link it up to mine.

Earth Force Sourcebook Pages:

Commercial Space Combat Gaming Sites:

  • Agents of Gaming: Makers of the Babylon 5 Wars and Fleet Wars space combat games.

  • Brigade Models: Producers of great starship minis suitable for FT and other games.

  • Eureka Miniatures: Austrailian distributors of GZG products. They also sculpt fantastic cutom figures.

Other Space/General Gaming Sites:

Ground Zero Games Mailing List:

There is an unofficial mailing list that covers all of Ground Zero Games line of miniature wargames including Full Thrust ,DirtsideII (microarmor scale, sci-fi ground combat), and Stargrunt II (25mm, squad level, sci-fi ground combat).

To subscribe, just E-Mail to majordomo@csua.berkeley.eduand send the message:

subscribe gzg-l your e-mail address

Other FT Related E-Mailing Lists:

Yahoo Groups have a large number of groups related to Full Thrust and other Ground Zero Games. Just search for the phrase "Full Thrust" and you'll be sure to find them.