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Introduction: What is Full Thrust?

Full Thrust is the award winning starship miniature combat game published in  Great Britain by Ground Zero Games.  In Full Thrust, players assume command of massive fleets of starships, complete with escorts, cruisers and capital ships .   Although it does come with its own detailed background and plot line, Full Thrust is designed to be generic and can be easily converted and used to work in any sci-fi background including movies, television and books. The most popular genre's played include StarTrek , Star Wars, and Babylon 5.  There's also an official line of Full Thrust miniatures available from Ground Zero Games.   However, you can use any ship miniature you wish.  The most popular aspect of Full Thrust is it's ease of play.  All you need is a tape measure and a bunch of six sided dice.  You don't need any complex charts and tables to determine hits or move your starships.

The latest addition to the Full Thrust line are the new Fleet Books.  The first volume contains all of the human ship designs for the official GZG miniature line.  It also contains new rules, new weapons systems, and a brand new ship construction system that improves upon the one featured in Full Thrust. The second Fleet contains ships and rules for the various alien ships (Kra'Vak, Sa'Vasku, and Phalon) of the Full Thrust universe.

Another FT-related product that this page covers is the Earth Force Sourcebook; a supplement to Chameleon Eclectic's short-lived The Babylon Project Role Playing Game. Jon Tuffely wrote a stand-alone set of Babylon 5 ship-to-ship combat rules based upon Full Thrust.

Also the British Isles Traveller Support (BITS), has published Power Projection by Dominic Mooney, an Full Thrust conversion based on Marc Miller's classic Traveller role-playing game. The "Lite" version that focuses on escort ship combat has just been released and the full version that included capital ships and construction rules will be out shortly.

This WWW site is designed to serve as an online aid to Full Thrust players.  This page features new "unofficial" rules for Full Thrust; along with new specific genre rules, scenarios, and links to other Full Thrust and space combat related WWW pages.  Submissions from other players are encouraged. Send them to  Be sure to give me your E-Mail Address and/or  WWW URL so that youcan get credit for your work and so other interested players can contact you.   I reserve the right to accept or reject whatever material I please.  I want quality rules and materials.  I get enough childish,unbalanced rules and ships from other people I know.   I also request that they are in generally accessible formats.  HTML, ASCII, Acrobat,and other common formats are fine.  The general rule is:  If I can'tread it, I can't post it.

Where can I get Full Thrust?

You can look for Full Thrust and the Fleet Books at your local gaming store or direct from:

Ground Zero Games
P.O. Box 337
Needham Market
Suffolk IP6 8LN